Cookie Monster

We are still working on our baking projects to collect money. It’s a lot of fun to be in the kitchen and to bake various things. I had the idea to make some nice american cookies while I was really hungry. So without further ado we went to buy the ingredients and finally started making them.

Everything seemed to be perfect at the beginning and I couldn’t wait fort the result. I was sure that they’re gonna be a great success. But after a lot of hard work in the kitchen I pulled them out of the oven and realized that one full tray was not useable because the cookies were stuck. I was very disappointed and also a little bit sad, because it was a lot of work. But we still wanted to make money, so we just wrapped all the cookies we could use, hoping to still make some profit, and ate the other ugly ones ourselves. By the way, that was my favourite part about the project.

After we were done we had about seven bags, each one with four cookies inside. But for how much should we sell them? We checked how expensive the ingredients were because I had no idea. In the end, just to get the money we spent back, we had to sell them for 4.95Fr.- which was already very expensive. I wasn’t sure if anybody was going to buy them.

In the end we bought them ourselves for 5 Fr.- each and earned 0.35 Fr.- . What an achievement for one day. But we got pretty much money with the other baking projects. Still not enough thouh. At least I learned to think more about projects before actually making them.


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