Yogurt Show

Mr. and Mrs. Papadopoulos love to show off their cooking skills. Last Thursday they presented their new recipe at a cooking show. Mr. and Mrs. Papadopoulos are really exited and have practiced the recipe every day, which has also made the neighbours happy. Their daughter doesn’t want to see the yogurt anymore.

Mr. and Mrs. Papadopoulos have been backstage for two hours and are constantly running to the toilet. Now, the backstage assistant sends Mr. and Mrs. Papadopoulos onto the big stage. Mr. and Mrs. Papadopoulos start to cook the recipe. The jury looks interested in what Mr. and Mrs. Papadopoulos are doing.

First they roughly chop the nuts and put them in a pan without oil to roast and afterwards they let it cool down. Then they mix the yogurt with some honey. Then they add the nuts.

Mr. Papadopoulos sprinkles cinnamon over the yogurt. At the end the jury tastes the yogurt. They love it and Mr. and Mrs Papadopoulos get the first place. After that they are really happy.

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