Hello, I am a cute dog who was born and lives in Kefalonia. I don`t get to see new places or dogs often. But I have the wine growing estate from my owner Ewriviados, which basically is a huge playground for me. Nearly every week people come here to see what my owner and his employees are doing and to taste the wine, for sure.

Once on a normal day when I was sleeping in the pleasant and cool wine cellar I heard two cars pulling up to our wine growing estate. It was a schoolclass, my absolout favorite. Imagine getting stroked nonstop and everyone is saying that you’re sooo cute.

First they went to the machines where the grapes get seperated from the stems. After that Ewriviados showed them his pride and joy. A brand new french machine which pulps the grapes. Then the fermentation proccess starts in very cold tanks. This is how the alcohol gets in to the wine. After about eight days the wine is ready to ripe in old wooden barrels for about one year or longer. These barrels are stored in the pleasant and cool cellar, which I already mentioned. I really like the smell in there and sometimes I even try a little bit from the wine which rins out of the barrels. But please don`t tell that to Ewriviados. Some tried our wine and it really looked like they were enjoying it, just like I did.

Then he showed the class our wine garden. Our vines which got planted from Ewriviados grandfather whilst the russian revolution are nearly exactly 100 years old . Ewriviados told them that they don`t use any chemical fertilizier. But sometimes I pee in the garden maybe that helps, I mean who knows? I really enjoyed their visit and I think they did too.

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